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PlayRegal uses cookies. Below you will find more information about cookies, how they are used and what control procedures we adopt. By using our website, you consent to the use of cookies following this information. If you do not agree to cookies, please disable them by following the instructions below in this statement.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your electronic device (PC, tablet, etc.) while browsing a website and that provide certain information ("Cookies"). Cookies are then sent back to the original website during each subsequent navigation, or they are added to a different website that can recognize that specific Cookie. Cookies act as a memory for a website, and it identifies your device on each subsequent visit to that same website. Cookies also allow you to store your browsing preferences by offering you a more functional experience of the website and making the website`s content as personalized as possible.

The web browser allows you to authorize control over cookies through your browser settings. Most browsers agree to block cookies from specific websites. However, this means that any-outs or preferences you set on the website are still lost. We invite you to consult the technical information relating to your browser for instructions. If you choose to disable the Cookies setting or refuse to accept a cookie, some parts of the service may not work correctly or may be slower.

Types of Cookies

Cookies can be technical, analytical, and profiling.

Technical Cookies. Technical cookies allow us to improve your navigation and provide you with all the services offered by the website. In particular, the website uses technical "session" and persistent proprietary cookies.

Analytical Cookies. Analytical cookies allow us to analyze how you browse the website to help us improve your browsing experience. In particular, the website uses the following third-party analytical cookies (including flash cookies):

Profiling Cookies. Profiling cookies allows us to analyze your way of browsing the website, your habits, purchases, and behavior to offer you commercial communications in line with your preferences.


The technical cookies used by our website are used to make and facilitate your navigation and allow you to use the website`s services. Analytical cookies are used to analyze and monitor how to use the website (e.g., number of accesses and pages viewed) for statistical purposes and allow us to improve the website in terms of operation and navigation. Profiling cookies are used to analyze your online behavior to offer you targeted advertising based on your preferences. The provision of data, except those via technical cookies, is optional.

How To Check & Delete Cookies

By manually modifying the configuration of your browser and following the instructions contained in the cookie managers` policies. Warning: the provision of data is optional; however, please note that refusing/deactivating cookies may prevent you from using some website features.